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ローラノーマンリフレクソロジー(Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology)の特徴は、足の反射帯を丁寧に刺激して身体に滞る緊張エネルギーをリリースすることで生命の自然治癒を促す手法にあります。 

What is Laura Norman Reflexology?

It is a type of reflexology that Ms. Laura Norman developed.  She currently conducts reflexology activities based in New York and Florida.

Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology is characterized in its method that reflexes on the foot are thoroughly stimulated to release tense energy stagnated in the body and consequently to promote natural healing of life energy. 




Who is Ms. Laura Norman?

Ms. Norman has been teaching her reflexology method in many regions in the world bringing passion to contribute to recognition and understanding of the reflexology science. 

She has developed comprehensive reflexology training programs and provides them in many different ways including college classes.





Your Reflexologist based in Yamanakako

She is a "Laura Norman" certified reflexologist, having completed the Laura Norman Professional Reflexology Certification Program. She provides the Laura Norman Reflexology sessions in and around the Yamanakako area.

All sessions are provided only to ladies because they involve face-to-face skin-touching .

If you would like a session, please contact us from the "お問い合わせ (Inquiry)page to let us know the type of the session you would like, referring to the "ネットショップ(Net Shop)" page.

Thank you.



A session at the reflexologist's place

If you would like a session at the reflexologist's place, the address will be informed when a session is requested.  Please arrive there 10 minutes before the time of your reservation.


Sessions will be provided in a very quiet attic room.  You will climb a ladder-type stairs to the attic. Or, sessions may be provided in the ground floor room, on a chair. 

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